Hi guys. So my lesson choice today is science. And I would teach specifically about plant growth. If I were teaching this to a second grade classroom, this would be a really good topic to teach. I would have students create a brochure that explains how plants grow on the outside. They would decorate the cover. In the inside, they would be three columns on the left hand side, it would have some definitions and vocabulary to get a little bit more acquainted with those words before starting to create their diagram. Then label the diagram in the middle and then on the right hand side is where they would just go into a little bit more detail about the diagram and give us some more interesting facts and information maybe on the backside of the brochure.


So that is one example of how I would create a meaningful lesson. Just kind of get kids more, a little bit more acquainted with the science vocabulary. On top of that, if I were to extend the lesson, I would have students create, or actually grow their own plants. So I'd bring in some seeds into the classroom. I would demonstrate the life cycle of a plant on the whiteboard. Get kids interested by, you know, kind of making predictions of what, how long it would take for their plant to grow or just kind of telling, or having getting up in front of the class and explaining what they think might happen. As far as that plant growing and in comparison to maybe some other plans, we would kind of get some more information and more research about those plans as well. So that's how I would do it.