Hey, Maria, how are things today? Okay. So today we're gonna be exploring another thing that affects how fast chemical reactions take place. Do you like pizza? Who doesn't like pizza? Well, pizza involves a chemical reaction. So when the yeast reacts with the sugar, either in the yeast raising process or in the bread itself, one of the byproducts is carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is a gas which causes your piece to, to rise and to be fluffy, not hard, right? So to get a full reaction that ye these to mix and the right proportion with the sugar to create a balanced reaction number, a balanced reaction is where the volume of the reactions, the elements and the reactions match the volume of the elements and the resulting compounds. So at our house, we may call me pizza. Does it matter what type of bowl we use to cause the yeast to rise and to create this balance reaction? Ah, well, for us, what works is to put the yeast in a medium bowl with a cup of sugar and the bowl is enough so that it allows the yeast to spread on top of the water. Doesn't sink. It spreads on top of the water because it's light. And then all the yeast comes in contact with all the sugar that's dissolved into the water. So by having enough surface area, the reacting are close enough to the element in the, compound to react to each other. So surface area is another important factor in many equations to create this balanced reaction. So by the way, one of the other things that comes out of this reaction in creating, in combining yeast with sugar is something known as alcohol. So you can see here in this simple slide, when you mix sugar and yeast one of the products are to result in compounds is carbon dioxide and the other is alcohol. So there's many different types of alcohol. And, it kind of depends on the proportion as to what you get .


But this process is called fermentation. And most people think of fermentation when they think about adult beverages, because most adult beverages have alcohol in them. So even though most people associate fermentation with beer and wine and spirits, it's also very important in pizza and bread and, pretty much anything else that involves some sort of a sugar reaction. So, it all depends on surface area between the reactants, so that you get that balanced reaction and you get the most, your equation.