Hello, my name is Kristin Paterson. I am a registered nurse and I am also an NCLEX tutor. I just wanted to go through one of my favorite ways to tutor and one of my favorite ways to note the learning process, and that is with alignment. So this is so great because this hits each every one of the four different types of learning.

So, I kind of did a little  preliminary stick here. So you just draw whatever topic is in the middle. I just chose urinary tract infection "UTI". And then we're going to go through, we're gonna talk about the pathophysiology of what that is, what it looks like, the signs and the symptoms, interventions, nursing diagnosis, treatment, and finally a labs and diagnosis test. What I love about this is what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be writing about it.


We're going be talking about it. We're going to be hearing, seeing, doing all the things. And this is essentially going to hit most every important thing about the subject. This is just kinda unique little way that I love, I did this for myself throughout nursing school, and I find that student really connect with this. This is something that can pull out, this is something that they can use to study for a, or whatever. And because it's their thoughts and their information, it just kinda makes a little better sense to them. So hopefully this answers questions and I look forward to hearing from them.