Hello, record Royal staff. What I'm going to be showing you today is an example classroom on how to add modules and assignments. So I'm sharing my screen with you right now. This is my sample classroom.

If I go all the way to the table of contents on the side, I'll click modules. Once modules load, you can see that I already have an example that my computer is slow loading and helping me figure out.

So now that it's loaded, there are two examples, but how do you make this? So the best way to make it is to go up to the top and press the blue plus button. Once you have added it, you're going to name your module. So I will name mine, example, staff, and then I'm gonna add my module.

Now we see my module is here and it's ready to drop files or add to the module. So when it says, the ad you go to this plus button, here, you click plus, and then you can scroll through and see there are many different ways. You can attach things. You can do assignments, quizzes, file pages, discussion boards, et cetera. But right now we're gonna click on assignment.


So I've highlighted new assignments because these are on my previous ones. Once you have clicked a new assignment, you'll go down here and you'll type one. So I'll now type an example, staff.

Once I've finished typing example, staff, I'll click add an item. Now I've added one item. I'll keep adding until I have satisfied everything I need. So I'll click the new assignment again. I'll tell you different items and it'll just keep loading so on and so forth.

Once I'm satisfied with everything I have added, I can now click on that assignment and it will take me to the assignment page that students see. I can go up here to edit, and this is where I can type in the information. Now let's say I have all of it in the word document. I'll copy it into the word document. And I'll paste it here. If not, I'll just type whatever I want to be on this page right here. And all these tools and resources are you can change the font. You can change it to be different colors.

You can change the background to be different colors, or you can change the spacing, just like a regular word document. What's nice about doing it straight in here is if you copy and paste from a word document and you have a picture or a graph, it's not going to translate, but if you embed an image, you can either attach it through a URL or you can click the magic blue V and click on upload and embed the image. You'll be able to select your file and add it here.

Same with YouTube videos. You can add a YouTube video and embed it. That way. Students don't have to go to YouTube and you can use it, or you can do. My favorite thing is to click the black and white play button. Record yourself talking and live time. If you're not able to get your entire zoom recording loaded, it will load and record for you.

You'll click start recording and end. So that is a quick and fast overview of how to set up your assignment. Now, if you wanna add points to show how many points it is, we can add points there. Then if we want to display grades, we can choose to do so. I tend not to show the grades to students. When you go down to submission type, you'll click online and then you'll select different types, text entry, website, URL, or file upload.

I tend to do text entries so students can have all the options I have above, but that's because they sing and make recordings for me in chorus. Or you can do file uploads where they just take their downloaded word, document, or PDF and upload it right here. When you keep scrolling down, you can click these checkmarks.

If you like it if you want to assign it to everyone, you can, or you can pick specific students. Then you'll go down to the calendar. That way they see it on their assignment calendar, and you'll select the date. So I'll go all the way here. I've picked a random date, and if I don't want it to be 11:59 PM, which is its automated time, I can type in the exact time I would like. And then you can pick it's available from today until the due date or after the due date. If you would like once you're done, you'll click save and publish.

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Now that you have loaded your published assignment, you can go back to your modules and look at your fantastic work for your students. And again, as my internet slowly loads, now you can see it has a green checkmark for students to be able to see all the assignments you have added. See how I have green checkmarks here. You need to go down and click that green checkmark.

Now your module is published. Students can see the assignment you want them to, and they can click on the assignments in chronological order that you would like to add. That is all I have for you right now. If you have any more questions, refer to the video or check out any of the other attachments in the example, canvas, classroom. Thanks.