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As the world develops even more digitally, e-learning has become a new trend in conducting classes, especially since the pandemic started. Online courses are always more flexible in some ways, but still, a significant challenge lies ahead.

Several studies have proven that online classes were less effective than in-person teaching, as done by Brown and Liedholm (2002) and Figlio et al. (2010). The comparative studies showed that students who underwent online classes performed worse during exams.

However, learners’ attitudes throughout online classes can be affected by some factors. The major one is the way teachers deliver the materials. A long talk and wordy PowerPoint to explain complicated theory is hard to bear for learners. Thus teachers have to put thinking caps on to solve this problem.

A recommendation – hopefully, enlightenment – that can help online class runs effectively is using explainer videos. Here are the reasons why using explainer videos for e-learning lessons can be helpful for students and, obviously, teachers.

About Explainer Videos

Just like its name, explainer videos intend to explain complex ideas into snackable chunks in the most fun way possible. It also provides two essential aspects of learning: visual aid and auditory.

These two aspects are proven to be powerful mediums to build comprehension in the audience. For example, cartoon animation to create an exciting story consists of dialogues to learn a foreign language.

Match Most of Learners’ Preferences

Around 65% of the population are visual learners; thus, explainers videos can be the best match. They can grasp and soak up the information through animation, pictures, graphs, colors, and other aspects of the video.

Not only visual learners but auditory learners can also get the benefit from explainer videos. There are approximately 30% of auditory learners in the world. They learn best through hearing rather than reading.

Auditory learners absorb the information they hear and remember up to 75% of it. Again, a compelling narration of explainer videos can be an excellent match for this learner.

Sparks Learners’ Activity and Creativity

Captivating visuals and concise explanation audio allow explainer videos to engage deeper with learners’. When learners comprehend the materials well, their chance to be creative and productive is more likely to happen.

A study conducted by Shabiralyani (2015) concluded that using visual aids and substitutes for monotonous teaching stimulates students to think, and improves the learning environment.

Furthermore, students develop and increase their understanding of the areas of learning when they experience a successful and pleasant process.

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Deliver Materials Faster and Stick in Long-term Memory

Visual aid for learning activities can transmit faster and stick in long-term memory. According to MIT News, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. It also proves that visuals are processed 60.000 times faster than text with good video marketing copy.

Furthermore, a study proves that learners retained only 10-20% of written or spoken information within three days. In contrast, a learner had 65% of visual communication within the same period. Visual aid is 83% more effective in staying longer in the brain.

Increase Comprehension Level

Educator at Stanford University, Robert E. Horn, explained that visual language could increase ‘human bandwidth,’ allowing one to take in and comprehend large amounts of new information.

Using explainer video can help learners on a cognitive level, stimulate imagination, and process the information faster. It improves learning by up to 400%.

Following that positive information, here are some performances that you can lift through visuals in the explainer video:

  • Increase reading comprehension
  • Increase student achievement
  • Motivates students to organize and communicate ideas
  • It helps students find patterns and relationships
  • Sparks students’ creativity and critical thinking

Accessible to Multiple Devices

You can share explainer videos with anyone as the owner wishes. It allows learners to study anywhere and multiple times without being restricted to standard school hours.

Besides, it is accessible for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. This video makes studying much easier and more flexible since the younger generations tend to be on their phone most of the day.

It is not only suitable for the learners, but explainer videos are also helpful for teachers since they are budget-friendly and save more time and energy. If needed, teachers can hire an animation production company and make customizable videos that suit their needs.

Available in Various Styles and Less Boring

If we speak of explainer videos, various styles differ in their characteristics. Providing e-learning materials using different explainer videos can be very interesting for learners.

This way, they are not just achieving new information but also exposed to various appealing visuals that pamper their eyeballs and brains. Here are popular styles for explainer videos as your reference.

  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Motion Graphic Animation
  • Kinetic Typography Animation
  • Paper Cutout Animation
  • Digital Cutout Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Silhouette Animation
  • Animated Music Video
  • Live-Animated Video
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Animated Stick Figures
  • Screencast Animation
  • 3D Mechanical Animation
  • Flipbook Animation
  • Claymation
  • Animated Infographic

Closing Thoughts

As the world keeps developing, the ways of teaching and learning are also constantly changing. E-learning is one of the recent trends that we heavily implemented in early 2020 as pandemics started to spread worldwide.

E-learning relies a lot on digital support and, most importantly, how the materials are delivered. An explainer video is one of the best ways to help conduct e-learning for an enjoyable and effective comprehension.

It matches people’s behavior nowadays, especially the younger generation that spends a lot of time watching digital videos. Besides, captivating visual aids and compelling narration also help them absorb information more effectively.

Last but not least, an animated presentation video is more flexible than other learning mediums, as it is accessible to many devices anytime and anywhere. Given the facts and information above, both students and teachers can benefit from using explainer videos in e-learning.

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