Hi guys, my name is Carissa and I am an English teacher and a yoga instructor. So today I'm gonna take you through a couple opening postures for yoga and we're gonna get our spine alled up ready for our practice.

Okay, so let's begin. So we're gonna start seated and we're gonna in inhale our hands all the way up high reaching for the sky, extending from the base of the spine all the way to the crown of the head. So from here we're gonna have our right hand, grab our left hand and inhale to lengthen and exhale bending over to the right. So here we're really stretching in the left of leaks and we're inhaling to pull that left hand to get into the shoulder. Beautiful. So one breath here. Inhale, lengthen, exhale, bend just a little bit more and coming all the way back up.


And now to the other side. So we'll inhale to lengthen. Left hand grabs the right wrist and we're gonna bend over to the left side. So this time we're getting into that right oblique as we inhale a length and exhale bending just a tiny bit more and coming all the way back up back to center. So from here we're gonna reach our hands up super high and exhale the hands to heart center. Nice. So hopefully you're feeling a little warmed up on either side. And now we're gonna do some twists to warm up the spine.

So we'll inhale the hands up high once again, and axle, we're gonna twist to the left or to the right. This time left hand reaches for the right knee. So the back hand becomes like a second spine is you. Inhale, lengthen, and exhale twisting from the core. Beautiful.

Bách Hóa

Last inhale, exhale, and inhale all the way back to center. Great job. Let's do the other side. So once again, we're lengthening here on the inhale and the exhale takes us to the left. So the left hand comes as a second spine behind our back, and the right hand is on the left knee. So we're inhaling to lengthen and exhaling to twist. Beautiful. One more breath here and bringing your back to center and exhaling our hands to heart center. Great job everybody. Maybe you're feeling a little warmed up by now and I'll see you on the next class.