Hi, my teaching style deter is determined by which type of student I'm tutoring. If I'm working with elementary school kids, it is as fun as I can possibly make it while still trying to help them learn a part of it is encouragement.  Pray, urge,  praise, you know, for a job well done.

Even the simplest thing, you know, they're getting high fives and they're getting, good jobs. I try to make a stress free by asking questions in a way that they can understand.

What do you think the little boy's thinking about? What do you think? You look out the window and you see clouds when your mommy's driving. What do you, are you imagining?

What do you see? Try to also put them in this situation of the story that we're working on or the assignment that we're working on and try to make it be relatable to them.


And oftentimes that does help with getting them through whatever the assignment is about. Um, in regards to college or adult learners, that one is a lot of questions. Questions that help them think about what they're trying to say again, I'm trying to use things, that may be relatable to them.

Things they may be familiar with. Even if they're working on a topic that they did know nothing but research just to learn about, it's the way the questions are asked or the type of questions that I put out there is me trying to bring them to the place of discussing their topic as if they were having a conversation.

And also notice that helps with the writing. Also, if they're not sure how they want something to be written, I tend to say, say it out loud as if you were having a conversation, then write it that way.

Sometimes it needs to be cleaned up a little bit. Sometimes it doesn't. Oftentimes they are surprised at how easy an assignment ends up being when they're not thinking about it too hard.