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Hello guys. My name is Michelle, and today I'll be teaching about handwriting. I know. What is handwriting is handwriting really important? How can there be a subject on handwriting? Well, today I'll be providing all the answers to, I hope some of the questions that you may have, or if not, all of the questions you may have. So handwriting is something that is very important. In fact, handwriting can be used to tell who a person is, is used as identification.


Also, handwriting can be used as an expression. So now let's think about it. You're in class, the professor's going through a lot of slides and you only have approximately 10 seconds or sometimes even longer in 20 seconds to write down older notes, that's being taught to you. So how do you write in a way where you could understand? And you're also grasping a lot of notes.

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This is why the topic of handwriting is very important because with the topic of handwriting, you're able to write in a way in which you yourself may understand it. And the reader as well will understand what you're saying. I hope to see you next time. And all next time, I'll teach you a little bit more about the secret of handwriting.

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Hi guys. My name is Michelle, and today we'll be understanding what sociology means. So let's first break down this word that we always, always, always hear. You know, sometimes we hear sociology in the world of today and we ask ourself, why is this word so important? And what does this word mean? So the first part of the word is social.  I hear social a lot. Know what it means, you know, it has to do with interaction. That's great. Now let's break down.

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Just simply means the study of something. So we hear ology with sociology. We hear ology with biology and many more words that we commonly hear in the world of today. So when we bring it together, it just means the study of social events, social life. And it's a very, very important term because it focus on studying these life changes or life events that occur in the world of today. So now I leave you with the question, what are current events? Current life changes that are occurring, that we could look into and create our focus on.